A memorial service for Bronx, N.Y., rapper Tim Dog has been scheduled for March 8 in Harlem, reports AllHipHop.com.

The observance will take place at Glendale Baptist Church from 6 to 10 p.m. ET. It's expected that hundreds of New York rappers, as well as family and friends, will be in attendance to remember the late hip-hop artist.

Tim Dog (real name Timothy Blair) died on Valentine's Day at the age of 46. He suffered from a seizure associated with his diabetes.

The tough rhyme-slinger will be remembered for his controversial 1991 song 'F--- Compton,' in which he dissed Eazy-E, N.W.A. and Dr. Dre. He released two solo albums: 'Penicillin on Wax' and 'Do or Die.'

Before he was a solo artist, Tim Dog was a former member of the Ultramagnetic MC’s, which featured group members Ced Gee, Moe Love, TR Love and Kool Keith.

Keith was still in shock a week after learning that his fellow comrade had passed away. "I'm just doing my condolences, but I still can’t believe [it]," he told HipHopDX. “I’m still thinking this is a stunt, 'cause Tim was usually good with stunts. But like you said, it’s real, and I understand his health conditions and stuff like that."

Keith, who teamed up with Tim Dog to form the rap tandem Ultra in 1996, remembers the veteran Bronx rapper as being a fun-loving guy. "I always hung out with Tim, [and] Tim liked to go eat," he recalls. "That’s one of his favorite things; we’d go to the clubs together, strip clubs, anywhere. I mean, real good person, kind-hearted. I stayed with Tim in Atlanta many times."

Tim Dog's family requests that all donations be sent to his daughter, Chanel Blair.

Rest in peace, Tim Dog.

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