The Weeknd takes on the role of teacher with his new track, 'Love in the Sky' as he delivers a lesson on "how to dream" throughout the woozy, chill cut.

The crooner is on a mission to take the girl he's with away from this world before he makes his move on her. "How does it feel? Do you feel like you felt before?" he asks her in his high falsetto voice.

Towards the end of the record, as the sound of rain pours down in the background, The Weeknd gets personal about growing older and life in the spotlight. "As for me / I've been flying around the world / I've been killing these shows / But I'm always getting high / 'Cause my confidence low / And I'm always in a rush / Ain't no time to f--- slow," he sings.

'Love In The Sky' will be featured on the singer's forthcoming album, 'Kiss Land,' scheduled for a Sept. 10 release.

Listen to The Weeknd's 'Love in the Sky'