'The Voice' contestants continue in the battle round and Usher proves he has the best singers on his team this season.

The show continues to entertain but sometimes the Monday episodes do not need to be an entire two hours of competitive singing. Each episode starts out strong and then in the middle they put their weakest competitors and move back to the strong ones. I just always find myself bored in the "peanut butter and jelly" area of the show.

First highlight of the night came from fan favorite and the one Adam Levine confessed his love to, Jessica Childress, who battled Vedo with a duet of Bruno Mars’ ‘Locked Out of Heaven.’ The two have cute chemistry yet both didn’t seem to dominate more than the other. Both on Usher’s team, Usher decided to stick with coaching Vedo over Jessica. A little surprised, Mr. Levine didn't try to save Jessica, who was unfortunately eliminated. This is preposterous!

In between there were a lot of tiresome performances and mainly from country acts that didn't stand out. Since the first episode, it was obvious Adam was seeking to win solely on anyone who sang country -- didn't matter if they could sing or not as long as they had a twang.  But if Blake Shelton isn’t checking for them, then they’re probably not all that great to be begin with.

Usher did showcase that he's a stunt queen when Shakira's teammates Kris Thomas and C. Perkins performed and Shakira opted for Kris. Usher waited for the very last minute to seal the deal on stealing C. Perkins for his team. Oh, that Usher knows how to make a dramatic scene.

For the last showdown, Ryan Innes went up against Orlando Dixon, both from Usher’s team. The two equally gave stellar performances and are quality singers; it really shows that Usher has a keen ear for extraordinary talents and most importantly, choosing those who can win this whole thing. Ryan and Orlando KO’d ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ and made it insanely difficult for Usher to choose just one. He ended up selecting soulful Ryan while Adam stole Orlando for his team.

Tomorrow’s episode will be the last installment of the battle rounds.

Watch Orlando Dixon & Ryan Innes Perform 'Ain't No Sunshine' on 'The Voice'