Wu-Tang Clan

10 Most Anticipated Rap Albums of Fall 2013
As far as hip-hop albums go, it's been a pretty eventful summer, huh? With releases from Jay Z, Kanye West and J. Cole, June through August has been full of big releases, heavy anticipation and major chart-toppers. Like Mac Miller's album 'Watching Movies with the Sound…
Wu-Tang Clan vs. Eminem – Rap Battle
Not only did Wu-Tang Clan win last week's Rap Battle, but they also blew Busta Rhymes away in votes. Wu-Tang's 'Family Reunion' took 90.63 percent of the votes while Busta's '#Twerkit (Remix)'only took 9 percent.
Wu-Tang Clan vs. Busta Rhymes – Rap Battle
While Action Bronson put up a good fight with 'Strictly 4 My Jeeps', Wu-Tang Clan's 'Family Reunion took over last week's Rap Battle and won. The race was close, however, Bronson's 45.71 percent just couldn't overtake the Wu's 54.29 percent.
Action Bronson vs. Wu-Tang Clan – Rap Battle
Congratulations to Lauryn Hill for winning last week's Rap Battle by taking an overwhelming 87.5 percent with her song, 'Neurotic Society.' Unfortunately, Fat Joe and his song, 'Love Me Long Time,' didn't stand a chance and only received 12.5 percent of the vote.

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