Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper Gets Weird on Complex Cover
Chance the Rapper hasn't even released a studio album yet and he's already had the type of critical acclaim and popularity a lot of rappers dream of having. Case in point: His mixtape 'Acid Rap' charted on Billboard and it wasn't even on sale.
Chance the Rapper, ‘Acid Rap’ – Mixtape Review
Chance the Rapper is making his own genre with this mixtape, ‘Acid Rap.’ While other rappers are on the Molly train, Chance is joyously utilizing acid the way the Beatles used it for ‘Revolver’ back in the '60s. Rap has never sounded like this before.
Chance the Rapper – Must-See Artists at SXSW
Chance the Rapper is definitely up next. The Chicago native has been all the hype in several publications this year and there are good reasons for it.
His charisma and comedic approach to hip-hop shows he's actually enjoying what he does, which makes him hard not to like...