Who's the black crooner that's a sex machine to all the shorties? Sleepy Brown! Who's the man that hasn't released a song in ages but just dropped a video for his new single, 'Choosen'? Sleepy Brown! Can ya dig it?

In this blaxploitation-era inspired clip, Sleepy Brown plays a true-to-the-game player who is being followed by the man, ya dig. Now the Dungeon Family alumni is no jive turkey so he's not going to let those clowns spoil his fun. So Brown heads down to the titty joint so a player can unwind.

The singer sees a fly chick and decides to take her to the champagne room to get to know her better. When the feds close in and try to arrest Brown, he disappears like a thief in the night.

Now the video might be NSFW depending on how uptight your boss is, so be careful when you play this on your j-o-b. Overall, he is one bad mother--- (shut yo mouth!) I'm only talking about Sleepy Brown.