Boston Boy Sammy Adams collapsed onstage while performing at a Hurricane Sandy benefit show in New Jersey last weekend and footage of the situation has landed online.

It was a hairy couple of seconds, but afterwards, Adams tweeted that he was fine, if a bit tired from all the traveling and touring he's doing in order to promote his music.

Adams was in the middle of a daytime performance at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, N.J., when he looked up at the sky and began to spin around. At first, it looked like an animated, choreographed part of his performance. But when he fell to the ground and didn't rise to his feet, it became clear that the rapper wasn't joking or performing -- something was wrong.

People rushed to his aid on the stage, as he was on the ground, shaking and looking like he was suffering from a seizure.

He was then taken for treatment via an ambulance. What exactly happened -- maybe he was dizzy from spinning around? -- was never explained, but Adams did issue a tweet to assure his fan base that he is A-OK. Whew!

It's not uncommon for artists to suffer from exhaustion and poor diet while on the road, going from show to show, venue to venue, shaking hands, meeting fans and corralling germs. We just hope the 'All Night Longer' rhymer takes care of himself while out there converting people who see him into fans.