With songs like 'Take a Bow' and 'Russian Roulette' as well as the rough times she's publicly had, Rihanna isn't the type of chick you'd want to mess around with. She further proved her tough attitude at a recent U.K. show, where she smacked a fan while performing.

According to MTV UK, the incident occurred while she was performing 'We Found Love' at one of her gigs in Birmingham, London. As the singer stepped into the pit between the stage and the crowd to greet fans during the song, a fan allegedly wouldn't let go of her sleeve. Frustrated, RiRi was caught (on camera) walking back toward the individual and hitting him or her with the microphone in her hand.

She then tweeted about the occurrence, which she later deleted, after the video of the event went viral. "Purpose! That b***h won’t let me go," she wrote.

So the lesson of the story is you can look at Rihanna, but just don't touch her.