Rihanna is infamous for posting topless photos of herself on Instagram. The R&B superstar went on the photo-sharing website over the weekend and shared some behind-the-scene pics from her 'Pour It Up' music video.

"Late night treat?" she asked her fans on Twitter before adding, "#NAVY the behind the scenes photos from #POUR #IT #UP #Video will be posted on my Instagram page! So please forgive the overload!!"

The photos, presumedly shot by her BFF Melissa, are very titillating to say the least.

In a couple of black-and-white pictures, RiRi has on a curly white wig and wears a fishnet bodysuit, which exposes her nipples and firm tush.

In a string of photos in full color, we see RiRi painted her eyebrows pink and dons an expensive diamond and pearl necklace. The 25-year-old singer's outfit of choice is sheer lavender-colored lingerie, which, again, shows her nipples, and white high heel shoes.

If these photos are any indication, Rihanna's 'Pour It Up' video is going to be hot, sensual and NSFW. Not that we are complaining, mind you.

Earlier this month, videographer Vincent Haycock announced that he was no long directing the 'Pour It Up' video because of creative differences. Rihanna then clapped back at Haycock, tweeting, "@vincehaycock luckily none of that matters, just take your name off the check while u at it! Whatever your issue is leave my fans out of it."

There's no word on when Rihanna's 'Pour It Up' video will be released.