Let's keep it real. The paparazzi can be annoying with their flashing cameras and persistent, dumb questions. So it's amazing to see Rick Ross turn the camera on TMZ and harass their own camera guy.

In a hilarious video, Rozay launches his own channel called #MMZ and flips the camera on the shutterbugs instead of the celebrities.

Ross confronts a TMZ camera man in front of his hotel and repeatedly tells him to "Talk into his camera." When the guy asks Ross if he could be a member of Maybach Music Group, he replied matter-of-factly, "Never."

Throughout the clip, Rozay repeatedly calls TMZ honcho Harvey Levin "Hervis," which has us cracking up with laughter.

There is also a special moment in the video when the Bawse says "pause" after the camera guy complements him on his good looks. Priceless.

The video gets even zanier when 'Access Hollywood' correspondent AJ jumps in and tells "Hervis" that he wants to see him rap one of Ross' songs.

Good luck with that.

The camera guy was able to get in one dumb question, which seemed moot at this point.

"Why do white people have barbecues and black people have cookouts?" he incredulously asked.

Thankfully, Ross didn't play his game. The Bawse simply told him that whenever he has a barbecue, send him a slab of ribs.

The entire video is pure comedy. Take that Harvis!

Maybach Music Group's new compilation album, 'Self Made, Vol. 3,' will hit stores Sept. 17.