The Bawse man is back and he's tougher and gruffer than ever on 'Box Chevy,' a gritty southern rap banger produced by D-Rich.

Looking at the title, you would think the song is about the vintage Chevy cars that are prevalent in the south. Actually, Rick Ross uses the title as a metaphoric anecdote for his alleged rise in the dope game.

Track begins with the classic "jump" scene from 'Lean on Me,' as the Miami rhyme-spitter uses it to encourage his competition to kill themselves. "I say if you wanna kill yourself don't f--- around with it, do it expeditiously. Now go on and jump! Jump!" says Morgan Freeman as principal Joe Clark in the voiceover.

The centerpiece of the song is the chorus as the Maybach Music Group honcho snarls the P-word like it's going out of style. "I try to let you p---- n----s eat / It's time to put your p---- boys to sleep / P---- n----s always wanna talk / I'm busy getting p---- like a f---ing boss," he spits.

No official word on where this song will end up. We don't think it will appear on his 'Masterpiece' album because it sounds like Rozay was just blowing off some steam. Nevertheless, it's a careful reminder that Ricky Rozay is planning to takeover the rap game again in 2013. R-ruh!

Listen to Rick Ross' 'Box Chevy'