Rappers Raz Fresco and ChillxWill -- of the Toronto-based rap collective Baker$ Club -- may not be household names but they should be. The duo just released their mixtape, 'The Popcorn Tape,' a fantastic collection of beats, rhymes and life.

After listening to the 11-track effort, Raz Fresco and ChillxWill remind us of the Chicago rap duo the Cool Kids and New York rhyme-spitter Joey Bada$$. Like those aforementioned artists, Raz and Chill flip old school hip-hop influences with their forward-thinking productions.

Throughout the mixtape, the skeletal beats of Masta Ace, Steady B, Led Zeppelin and A Tribe Called Quest are heard. However, what stands out the most is how these beats are craftily used without sounding regressive.

Lyrically, Raz and Chill both complement each other as they rap about normal life. They forgo hip-hop's usual egoistical boasting for easy-going rhymes about girls, parties and hanging out with their crew.

On their first single 'ShetheS---yo,' the rap tandem spit comical pick-up rhymes to fly chicks catching their eye (think of it as an updated version of ATCQ's 'Bonita Applebum'). On '2rawMCz,' Raz and Chill go hard with their braggadocio verses. "These new rap n----s ain't an issue / I dismiss you / Straight break you down to the bone grizzle when I dip through / Killin' haters / In that J-class, I'll be Naughty by Nature," raps Raz.

Raz and Chill are also great story-tellers. On the haunting 'ChainSnatcherz,' the dynamic duo detail harrowing robberies by stick-up gangs. On 'RagzTop,' they deliver fun-filled rhymes about cruising in their cars and hollering at the pretty girls.

While their songs may be unconventional and opposite of what's being played on the radio, it's still refreshing to hear everyday life stories by two well-versed emcees.

If you are looking for some care-free hip-hop music that is both lyrically and musically great, then download Raz & ChillxWill's mixtape 'The Popcorn Tape.'


Listen to Raz Fresco & ChillxWill's 'The Popcorn Tape'

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