The original God MC Rakim hasn't release any new material since 2009's 'The Seventh Seal.' So you can imagine how happy we were to hear this unreleased track from 1995.

The song, 'Bring It On,' was produced by Dominic Owen, who pulled it out of the vault and posted it on his Soundcloud page for everyone to enjoy (thank you). According to Owen, the head-nodding banger was recorded at Brooklyn's High Class Studio when Rakim was working on his first solo LP, 'The 18th Letter.'

For those of you who missed the "golden era" of hip-hop, take a listen to 'Bring It On.' The legendary 'Paid in Full' rapper spits intricate bars over a boom-bap beat, harmonica riffs and a Biz Markie sample (the funky 'On and On'). "'Cause I get militant / That's why I'm still in it / You give me a mic, I'm killing it," he raps.

Another song from Rakim's 1995 recording session called 'New York to Cali' is also posted on Dominic Owen's Soundcloud website.

Listen below and hear why Rakim Allah is, arguably, the greatest rapper of all time.

Listen to Rakim's 'Bring It On' (Unreleased, 1995)