Jay Z isn't in retirement, Kanye West isn't preparing to release a sophomore album and fedoras aren't back in style. When B5 performed in front of a crowd of young fans at Motown Records last month, they weren't attempting to turn back the clock to 2005, when their songs 'All I Do' and 'U Got Me' were on constant repeat on countless fan girls' playlists, but they did take a trip down memory lane.

They were in-sync, in the moment, and best of all, they were energetic. The group hasn't been shy about its Motown influences -- 'All I Do' is a Jackson 5 cover, after all, and B5 (Breeding 5) is a homage to the original Motown artists -- but the brothers' performance did look refreshing.

The same goes for their new single, 'Say Yes,' which combines old school, boyish charm with a sense of sensuality. It's quite catchy, too. The single's video was on constant replay on a large HD television in the lobby as interviewers waited for a chance to chat with B5, comprised of the Breeding brothers Dustin, Kelly, Patrick, Carnell and Bryan. A good portion of the lyrics were memorable by the third listen.

The pop sensibility of 'Say Yes' is part of what B5 hopes to bring on their upcoming, as-of-yet titled album. The group does hope to retain its old fan base for its mid-2000s heyday.

That may not be an easy task given how the R&B landscape has recently focused on more singular acts ranging from loner the Weeknd, the tuxedo wearing Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke instead of youthful R&B bands. A good portion of B5's fan base -- who ranged from tweens to some early 20-somethings in 2005 -- have since grown, and it's possible they've moved on.

The quintet isn't changing up their formula, however. The guys are instead refocusing it.

"Back then, our music was strictly R&B, but now we have something that's more universal with a pop edge," Bryan tells TheDrop.fm. "It's just making us more wider for us to grab new fans, but it's still our voice and it's still putting our personality on the records. So that's how we keep our old fans also with new fans."

B5 did have a decent run during their peak years, with their 2005 self-titled debut peaking at No. 19 on the Billboard 200 charts with 200,000 sold. Their follow-up LP, 'Don't Talk, Just Listen' peaked at No. 27. The brothers are aware they'll need much more than a small time frame of hits if they want to be compared to the likes of Motown greats from previous decades, including the Jackson 5 -- a group B5 has been compared to since their debut.

"We're really competitive," Kelly shares. "We always say we don't just want to compete with the artists that are out today; we want to compete with history, the greatest boy bands that were out or the greatest artists in general. We want to be the best so we rehearse all the time."

Their ambition is apparent and fans are waiting for more songs to drop from the new project. Six years since their last release, this effort will serve as a reintroduction of sorts.

"We think this is going to be the best album we put out so far, especially with the time we've had to really grow into our voices and mature as far as a group," Dustin states.

Can the brothers replicate their success? Only time will tell. For now, get reacquainted with B5 through TheDrop.FM's Quick Facts. Which spot do they love to go to in their hometown of Atlanta? What's their favorite sports team? Dustin, Kelly, Patrick, Carnell and Bryan share those answers and more below.