Nicole Richie has the same problem a lot of hip-hop fans have. She likes the genre but can't relate to a lot tracks out there. So she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Lionel Richie's daughter thinks the best way to identify with hip-hop lyrics is to make a rap song herself, which she does in the newest episode of her AOL On web series, '#CandidlyNicole.' She attempts to do so with the assistance of Chicago rapper Ebone Hoodrich.

The duo start off with crafting a hook, because "that's how we gon' turn up," Hoodrich reasons. The turn up lyrics in question are, "I’m a stunna, just got my hair done for the summa / Now we finna turn up." Richie had particular trouble grasping the "finna" line.

Richie and Hoodrich eventually settle on a topic: the sorely ignored subject of gluten-free spaghetti. The lines start piling in afterward: "I go to the salon / I call that a house call / "Making money in the crib / I call that a money call."

But it's not enough to simply write the lyrics. Richie has to deliver them in the booth with Hoodrich adding his ad-libs, which are basically just echoing Richie's verses. To his defense, Richie's "meow" ad-libs aren't cutting it either. Surprisingly, the results aren't that bad considering this is supposed to be a humorous first attempt.

The blonde-haired celebrity pretty much ruins the moment when she starts dancing to her new track. Her moves look sort of like an odd Spiderman impersonation.

"Don't hurt nobody," Hoodrich advises.