If you're feeling down today, Michael O's new song will definitely lift your spirits. The New York-born, Portland, Maine-raised R&B singer has just released the video for his track, 'Breakdown.'

Set in sunny California, where he currently resides, the 23-year-old singer belts out positive verses about working hard, dedication and never giving up. Set to the a beautiful piano melody, the song was one that Michael penned as a form of therapy.

"I wrote this song in about 10 minutes, during a weird time in my life. There are times where it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. There are times when you feel like you cannot get up. But you can!! And you will! Here is Breakdown," he wrote on YouTube.

"When I wake up, I wake up / It's the same routine / I'm the saddest guy on earth / You'll never see / But I try to be strong / So I can go so much further / It's only a matter of time / But I won't breakdown," he sings.

Michael O was first introduced to the world through the NBC a cappella competition show, 'The Sing-Off.' As a member of the Darthmouth Aires, he was one of the forces to lead the singing group to second place in the show's third season.

Now doing music on his own, he recently released his solo EP, 'In the Beginning,' on Aug. 13. The EP did very well upon its debut and peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard R&B albums chart.

"I'm just a 23-year-old guy actively trying to figure out my life, while pursuing what I love more than anything in the world -- music," he said in a statement.