'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Season 2 kicked off last night and of course it was filled with the dysfunction of Stevie J and his ongoing love triangle with Joseline, "the Puerto Rican Princess," and Mimi, “his helpless baby mother.”

For Stevie J, Joseline is a tax expense for living in the house. “It’s a business crib," he says. "Write it off.” But since Mimi is back living with Stevie J until she finds her own place, she wants to protect her child from Joseline's craziness. In other words, she wants Joseline out of the house.

Meanwhile, Benzino has his own talk show and Joseline makes an appearance and drops a bomb. “Currently I’m single and I’m always looking for love cause I like to have sex,” she states. Stevie J heard the interview and tries to do damage control by buying her a purple fur. Joseline's not all the way buying it.

Lil Scrappy and Erica have major problems too. They’re engaged but Scrappy’s mother, a.k.a. Momma Dee isn't having it. Shay wants Scrappy back and Momma Dee is willing to go behind his fiancée's back to get them back together. “It is not the wish of the kingdom. It is not the wish of the Queen,” Momma Dee says of Scrappy's choice to put a ring on Erica's finger. “Just watch out change is coming,” Momma Dee she says to Shay.

K. Michelle wants to throw an engagement party for Erica and invites Mimi and Ariane. But K. Michelle has an apparent beef with Ariane. She's upset Ariana revealed on a radio show that she slept with one of K. Michelle’s exes. But once they got face to face, Ariane kept it cool. “I like you K!” she says. “I won’t hurt you again.” You can tell. K Michelle wanted to hold on to the pain, but Ariane seemed sincere and K accepted the apology.

Towards the end of the show, Stevie J pulls out money and tries to buy Mimi’s affection. As they’re talking out their issues, Joseline bombards in the house and starts dissing Mimi. “Hey maid. I see you got on your maid outfit,” she taunts.

Mimi gets very angry as a result of the situation and kicks them both out of the house. The episode ends with Stevie coming back in and subsequently Mimi throws water on his face and bites him. He tries to flash his evil smile but it's not working now.

This is only the beginning and the next episode is already set to be filled with drama.

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