Rapper Lil Wayne threatened a fan with a beatdown at the New Jersey stop of his America's Most Wanted tour.

As with every show, Weezy introduces himself to the fans and salutes them for being so supportive of his career for many years.

"Like I said, my name is Lil Wayne and I must let you know three important things about myself," he tells the roaring crowd. "Number one is I believe in God. Number two is I ain't s--- without you, ya dig. And number three the most important one is, I ain't s--- without you, ya dig."

Afterward, someone threw ice cubes at Weezy, which initially didn't bother the rapper. However, he hushed the crowd and took a brief moment to address the transgressor.

"Don't throw no ice at me, homie," he warned the fan. "These security guards. None of this n----s around me, it will be me that will f--- you up."

We have no clue why a concertgoer would throw ice at the Young Money leader, especially since he's being so cordial with the crowd.

Let this be a fair warning for future fans going to a Lil Wayne show: don't throw anything onstage. It's not nice and he'll "f--- you up."