MTV's annual Hottest MCs List has been getting much buzz and the attention went to the next level when Kanye West recently vented opposition of his No. 7 placement on the list.

“Yeah, No. 7 bothers me,” he told Hot 97's DJ Enuff earlier this week. “I think Wayne is the No. 1 rapper in the world.”

Lil Wayne has in turn responded to West's compliment, using Twitter as his method of communication. "That's the ultimate compliment coming from a humble,great,extremely creative,& superior genius...I appreciate that Yeezy!," he wrote.

During West's rant while on Hot 97, he expressed the network's distaste for him having to do with the poor reception of his 'Cruel Summer' compilation album and even more so the fact that he's now more high fashion and in a relationship.

“For me, I feel like in order for them to put me [at No. 7] they had to bring up things that they didn't like," he explained. "They didn't like the ‘Cruel Summer’ album. I’m like, that’s a compilation it ain’t all rappers on G.O.O.D. Music. I mean ‘Cruel Summer’ got the ‘Don’t Like’ remix, ‘Mercy,’ ‘Cold,’ ‘New God Flow,’ you know? And ‘Clique’! You can’t name five records like that on any album,” he continues. “They don’t like Givenchy Kanye. They don’t like Kanye in a kilt. They don’t like Kanye in a relationship.”

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