Lil' Flip is facing some serious charges under the Louisiana judicial system but he plans on putting up a fight.

The Houston rapper, born Wesley Eric Weston, was pulled over on Christmas Day for speeding, but when officers searched the car, they allegedly found marijuana and an AR-15 assault rifle.

According to TMZ, Flip denied all charges (speeding, possession of marijuana and possession of a firearm) and plead not guilty to the court.

The rapper has been shot before and claims that to be the reason he owns guns. Flip has a license to carry a concealed weapon which is valid in 22 states, including Louisiana.

He also says that the police found his stash of clove cigarettes and wine-flavored Black and Mild cigars that day, which were filled with tobacco, not weed.

Flip told TMZ in December, "I know they don't mess around in Louisiana and I wouldn't do anything to make me go to the big house. Especially on Christmas night."

Lil' Flip's pre-trial date has been set for April. Hopefully, everything works out for him so he can finally work on making his comeback.

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