After a lackluster performance of 'Close to You,' Lazaro Arbos got one heck of a harsh review, forcing even Mariah Carey to agree with Randy Jackson when he blatantly called his singing "horrible."

Arbos' cabaret version of the song was not only pitchy but it was extremely difficult to decipher the words coming out of his mouth -- most likely because he forgot the words again -- and not because of his disability.

Nicki Minaj kept glancing at her watch as Keith Urban gave his critique and even completely avoided commenting on Lazaro's sad efforts by saying, "Let's just pretend I already gave my comment 'cause I feel like we are gonna be here forever."

Now Nicki, we all agree the guy's performance was a hot mess, but you didn't have to do him like that. Poor Lazaro may cry himself to sleep tonight.

Watch Lazaro Arbos Sing 'Close to You' on 'American Idol'