Named one of the rappers that made the Chicago hip-hop scene hot in 2012, by Spin magazine, King Louie, also known as King L, is a spitter not only known for his lyrics but also for his "drill" style of rapping.

Like many artists from Chicago, King L raps about personal experiences in the east side of the Windy City. His first mixtape, 'Boss S---,' dropped in 2007 -- one he self-released at parties and bus stops. After building a fan base with his homemade music videos on YouTube and six more mixtapes, King L caught the attention of Epic Records, which will be releasing his first studio LP, 'Dope&Shrimp.'

Although it looks like he's becoming a big star in his own right, King L was reportedly shocked to find out that Kanye West not only gave him a shoutout but is also a fan.

Watch King L's 'Po Up Slo' Feat. Leek