Don't mess with Keyshia Cole's man! The R&B songstress is sending that message loud and clear in the visuals for 'Trust and Believe,' a song featured on her forthcoming album, 'Woman to Woman,' due Nov. 19.

In the clip, Keyshia's boyfriend Dontay seems to be missing in action most days and his absence doesn't go unnoticed. She confides in her best friend Tonya about her feelings -- she thinks her man is stepping out on her with another woman. The twist here: that other lady is actually the singer's BFF.

"Trust and believe me, you're gonna need me," Keyshia sings as the story unfolds. Lies, deceit and some play in the sheets lead up to the point where the blonde chanteuse actually takes a bat and threatens Tonya once she realizes her man has done her wrong.

Keyshia decides to give Dontay another chance, but unfortunately, this story doesn't have a happy ending.