Remember 'Say Goodbye to Love'? The 2008 funky jam from singer Kenna earned him a 2009 Grammy nomination. With that kind of recognition, the Ethiopian-born musician drops a new track, 'Relations,' off his upcoming EP, 'Land 2 Air Chronicles II -- Imitation is Suicide.'

The track, produced by Chad Hugo of the Neptunes, is a smooth blend of funk and R&B. "Let's have relations / You and me / Me and you / You and me / Me and you," Kenna croons atop the blippy beat.

Kenna, who has been collaborating with Pharrell and Hugo for years, is no stranger to the music scene. He has plenty of support from mainstream artists. Justin Timberlake shared a tweet about the artist with his fans in anticipation of the single's release.


Listen to Kenna's 'Relations'