After a bumpy week, Kanye West poked fun at himself in a promo video for his upcoming 'Saturday Night Live' performance.

The G.O.O.D. Music leader will be the musical guest for the fifth time on this weekend's season finale, while Oscar winner Ben Affleck will host the show. There's anticipation that Yeezy will perform a new song or two from his upcoming album.

The first snippet is hilarious as we see West with a bandaid on his head. Obviously, he's poking fun at his recent incident in which he spazzed out at the paparazzi after banging his head on a metal post. Comedian Fred Armisen starts to beat-box -- albeit poorly -- and, thankfully, West and Affleck quickly tell him to stop.

The second clip is somewhat amusing as the trio seem unexcited that they will be performing together on the show.

The final shot is funny with Armisen telling West and Affleck how exciting it is that three award winners are on the show. "What award did you win Fred?" he asked. "Yeah, what award was that?" adds Yeezy.

Armisen, in an attempt to avoid the question, responds, "Woo! Yeah! Season finale, watch it!"

We will!

The season finale of 'Saturday Night Live' will air at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.