Juicy J is quite the smooth devil on his new single, 'One of Those Nights,' featuring the Weeknd.

Not so surprisingly, the dynamic duo are a little raunchy on the hip-hop and Ratchet&B song. See what we did there?

Juicy raps about his favorite subject matter -- women, sex, weed and money -- while the Weeknd offers his haunting vocals about the nagging haters.

On the track, the Three 6 Mafia alum spits, "In the hotel with your girl / Smoke up the weed, shootin’ a shower scene / She a bad chick like Bonnie Parker / Rolled the blunts in my flying saucer / Juicy J -- the new Skywalker, I’ll put your ho in a body auction." Isn't he so romantic?

Meanwhile, Abel Tesfaye gets a little ratchet himself, singing, "Just cause she loves you, don't mean she understands / I don't give a damn, I'll make her f--- the band / I already know, I've seen her at my show banging out XO all day." Well, damn, Weeknd, tell us how you really feel.

Overall, Juicy J and the Weeknd display a unique chemistry on the smooth song, all in the name of ratchetness. In the words of Juicy J, himself, "It's trippy!"

Speaking of which, Juicy J is set to drop his third solo album, 'Stay Trippy,' on Columbia Records this spring.

Listen to Juicy J's 'One of Those Night' Feat. the Weeknd