Getting the opportunity to work with Jay Z is a dream for almost anyone in hip-hop. Now, one former PR intern shares how he blacked out when he got the chance.

James Harris, who currently works at Complex, recounts how he received a phone call out of the blue from Jigga. Jay got his resume from a friend of a friend of Solange and wanted Harris to be his new assistant. "I'm looking for an assistant, and your name and resume landed on my desk," Hov allegedly said.

"The most successful rapper of all time and I chatted for a few minutes, and I blacked it all out. Don't remember what he said, don't remember what I said. At the end, he said that when he got back to NYC I would come in to his office and we'd chop it up. Important distinction: Jay Z doesn't make suggestions -- he tells you what you will be doing, and we're all okay with that," Harris remembers.

Unfortunately, Jay never followed up. Although Harris never got the chance to work with Hov, the phone call gave him hope that he was on the right path and should continue following his dreams.

"A brief chat with someone who came from so much less and achieved so much more put everything in its proper light, and having Jay Z reach out to receive me as audience was an immediate injection of hope and inspiration that maybe I could make it somewhere," he said.