Guess performing a record 12 times in a row at your concerts pays off. It sure did for Jay-Z and Kanye West a.k.a. the Throne, as they won Best Rap Performance for 'N----s in Paris' at the 55th Grammy Awards.

The win was announced on the Grammy Awards' official Twitter account.

Going triple platinum, 'N----s in Paris' was a hit -- scratch that -- it was an event. The infectious beat, Will Ferrell's cameo and Jay and 'Ye on a track together was just too ill. The Throne tour was one of legendary status. Going from performing it 3 times in a row, to 11 times in L.A. to an eventual 12 times in Paris, 'N----s in Paris'had "the people going."

The critics loved it too. XXL gave it the title of 'Best Song of 2011,' and Rolling Stone stone gave it second best of the year. 'N----s in Paris' was by far one of the best songs of year, and one of the greatest ever to be performed. Congrats to the Throne on the win.

Watch Jay-Z & Kanye West's 'N----s in Paris' Video