Hailing from New Zealand, and residing in Brooklyn, N.Y., where some of the greatest artists of all time have been born, Janine and the Mixtape unveils a brand-new EP titled 'Dark Mind.'

Don’t be fooled by the name. Janine and the Mixtape is a singer-songwriter-producer, and she definitely knows how to set the mood with a new wave sound, mixing her favorite genres of R&B, hip-hop and ethereal indie layers to create a soulful new wave of R&B.

She kicks off the project with 'Let It Run.' The deep, melodic drums immediately put a listener in a trance as she sings lyrics such as, “If you like, you can stay, can’t promise, I’ll do the same, time is short and I’m 5-foot, 2, let it run.”

The drums turn into a more traditional R&B song with the title track 'Dark Mind.' Starting the song by singing, “Gonna love but I can fight, I had my childhood stolen from me on night.” 'Dark Mind' speaks on the troubles of living with the experiences of rape or abuse. With pop effects and deep drum patterns, this song is probably the standout track of the five-song EP.

'Hold Me' speaks to what women look for their partner to be. “Baby don’t let me down, got a lot going on right now,” she sings, hoping that one special person can give her the comfort that she looks for and needs.

‘Little Bit’ starts off where ‘Hold Me’ leaves off. She asks her partner to stick with her as she tries to get through her own troubles, singing, “Don’t leave me alone 'cause it’s dark in here / And I’m afraid these memories are more than I can bare.”

The EP sadly ends with 'Bullets,' with her singing the deep lyrics of “Tell me what you know about pain / Cover my eyes and brace myself, pull the trigger.” By the end of the song, listeners are left wanting more -- a perfect way to close the project with anticipation for the next project.

The 'Dark Mind' EP is a perfect blend of dark, soothing instruments paired with an equally dark and very personal story. The music feels genuine and a breath of fresh air to anyone looking for a break from the “typical” R&B sounds heard today.

In a statement Janine wrote, “The EP is truly a piece of my heart and story. It's about taking something horrible and turning it into something beautiful as way of healing and hopefully inspiring others. “

Listen to Janine and the Mixtape's 'Dark Mind EP'