Have you ever felt trapped by time? Well I/O, also known as Ayo Olatunji, is being held captive by it in his new video 'Wasted My Time,' from his 2012 project, 'Isolation.'

Nothing is normal about this visual, in which time is personified as a clock-ticking head attached to a human body riding on top of I/O's car. The clock chills next to him as a ghost-like figure throughout the video.

"This thing called time is an illusion," I/O sings in echoes throughout the low-tempo cut.

The singer ponders the time he's wasted and appears depressed and weakened as it haunts him.

In the end, I/O loses his mind and throws gasoline on time and it melts away. This visual can definitely be interpreted in many ways.

One thing's for sure, wouldn't you go crazy too if time continued haunting you like this?