showed you how kids bring hip-hop to their birthday parties. And now we've got a new clip of how someone at Google celebrates his birthday with swagger.

Meet Andrew Finkelstein, also known as Fink, the Google employee by day but underground hip-hop artist by night. And in honor of his 25th birthday, he decided to bring his passions together, and 'Welcome to Google' was born.

Giving us a tour of Google's New York headquarters, he brings out his best rhymes about the world's largest search engine. "Welcome to Google, this is the Googleplex / The home of where the future's kept / Welcome to Google, this is the Googleplex / There's no telling what were doing next," he raps.

Complete with the Droid mascot, lots of company merch and even more Google employees, the one minute-and-43 second video will make you wonder just how much time they have on their hands and possibly just how much fun it is to work there.

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Watch Fink's 'Welcome to Google' Video