We get it, everyone sort of cracks when experiencing high pressure moments, but the key is not to completely breakdown and fall apart. Frankie Ford really had a shot at a top 'Idol' spot with Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and now Keith Urban on his side. But when you fall apart mid-performance, you have no one to blame but yourself for your downfall.

During the group audition, the men performed 'Estelle's 'American Boy' and failed to be a cohesive unit. Crying onstage and messing up lyrics is on you, Frankie. We respect the determination, but being a sore loser and saying the group sabotaged you is not a good look at all, fam.

Next time, keep it all the way G and lose gracefully. Don't pull a sucker move and say the group set you up for failure. Whether they did or not, it's on you to get the judges to vote you through to the next round.

Side note, the 'Idol' struggle faces are real.

Watch Frankie Ford Fall Apart on 'American Idol'