The speculation about what could be an epic collaboration between Eminem and Chris Rock is heating up. First, the comedian posted a photo of himself on Twitter indicating that he was in the studio with the rapper. Now, in a new interview, Rock refused to confirm or deny the situation.

Rock dropped the tweet, which read, "In the studio with Em don't sleep," and featured a photo of himself, that signature crooked grin, nerdy glasses and some peeps in the background. That's not Eminem in the photo, but then again, Rock isn't saying that it is, either. Here, he merely states that he is in the studio with Em. And we don't think he means someone named "Emily," since, really, who else would it be?!

When asked about a guest appearance on Marshall Mathers' next album, Rock coyly responded, "Uh...I can't really say."

He did tease a little more though, saying, "I was on the Kanye record, maybe I'm on the Eminem record. You never know." Rock is referring to Yeezy's 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,' as he appears on 'Blame Game.'

How's that for clarification…not!

One can't help but hope that Rock factors into the action on the follow-up to 2010's smash 'Recovery.' Em and Rock could make magic together.

The rapper's new album is expected to arrive shortly after Memorial Day. He already has scheduled tour dates in Europe, which can only mean he's preparing to promote some fresh material.