A year and a half after dropping 'Breaking Point,' Emilio Rojas is back with new material that shows his command of words. 'No Shame No Regrets,' which released yesterday (June 11), is a 12-track collection of Rojas doing what he does best -- spitting rhymes about his personal experiences.

He's simultaneously hard-hitting yet eloquent on the effort, causing you to want to stop, rewind and listen to lyrics again.

Kicking things off with the mixtape's title track, Rojas recounts the obstacles he's faced so far. From all of the meetings he's had with record labels to get a deal to his upbringing, the spoken word on this piece is so straightforward yet smooth. The fact that this song has no hook or chorus doesn't matter because all you want to know is more about his struggles.

The Rochester, N.Y., native is the sole voice on most of the tracks. However, there are a few where he enlists the help of some friends including 'Lean on Em' featuring Styles P, Troy Ave, IAMSU!, and 'Give the World to You' featuring Dave Schuler.

His collaboration with Chris Webby, 'Seek You Out,' is a clear standout on this mixtape. Mixing the classically-infused electro beat with a sample of Blue Foundation's 'Eyes on Fire,' the lyrics from both spitters -- who talk again about their own experiences on making it -- over the fluid melodies give listeners one trippy experience, but it's a memorable one.

Rojas gets romantic on 'Wake Up With You,' where he explains to a special lady how much he wants to be with her and, essentially, wake up every morning lying beside her. As sweet as that sounds, Rojas, being the honest rapper that he is, tells her (and everyone who'll listen to this tape) exactly how much he enjoys her company with some detailed lyrics. "You don't tell me slow it down / It just started hurting / It's what, baby, you call it rough, but I just started flirting / When I had that type of night with you that it made you call it work / And the neighbors see a show so, baby girl, let's open all the curtains," he delivers.

Using a sample of 'It Feels So Good to Be Loved So Bad' by the Manhattans, 'Stack It Up' is another one for the ladies. Unlike 'Wake Up With You,' Rojas shows off his player attitude and talks about all the ladies he knows that can hang with the guys.

Experimenting with different kinds of beats and melodies while still using the same gritty words that Rojas is known for, he clearly goes all in with this mixtape, and the risks are worth a listen.


Listen to Emilio Rojas' 'No Shame No Regrets' Mixtape