Being a high-profile celebrity has its perks and its drawbacks, just ask Drake. After the Miami Heat won their second NBA Championship back-to-back, Drizzy decided to crash the locker room celebration. Unfortunately, his access was denied.

In a surprising -- and somewhat funny -- video, the Young Money superstar gets a reality check that not everyone knows he's a big-time entertainer.

When he tries to enter the locker room, security clearly gives him the hand and tells him press and media only. "I am media," Drizzy responds with no luck.

The look of "WTF" on Drake's face is priceless as he and his crew turn around and leave dejected.

But no worries. Drake was able to party with Lebron James and the other Miami Heat players until the wee hours of the morning.

The 'Started From the Bottom' rapper later tweeted, "I am media. Hahahaha. Ah Man. Good times."