DJ JayCeeOh mastered one of the key elements of hip-hop to score a victory as the winner during this season of VH1's 'Master of the Mix.' The record spinner is now $250,000 richer and is taking his talents around the nation as a Smirnoff DJ.

The 'Master of the Mix' title was especially important for JayCeeOh, who serves as rapper Sammy Adams' DJ. "Just being able to perform and show the world my talent on such a big platform like VH1 is unlike any exposure I have had before," he tells "Now people's eyes are open to what I have been doing for years perfecting my craft. Now sky is the limit."

Taking home the win wasn't an easy feat. JayCeeOh moved past 18 contestants, landing in the top three alongside Chris Karns and Incrediboi before accomplishing his goal.

As a hip-hop head, he chooses Wu-Tang Clan's 1997 hit 'Triumph' to describe his journey throughout the competition. "It really took a lot to execute and take out all the other DJs on the show," reveals JayCeeOh, who names DJ Jazzy Jeff, Z-Trip, Revolution, Beatjunkies, Craze and A-Trak as inspirations. "Was a huge triumph!"

Each week there were challenges to complete on the reality show, one of which the Los Angeles-based DJ favored more than others. "The 'Invent or Get Sent' challenge was great," he shares. "I started deejaying because I wanted to be a hip-hop battle DJ and learn how to use turntables as an instrument. That challenge let us do that."

Now that he's won, JayCeeOh will continue deejaying around the globe and focus on producing new music -- he's previously worked with the likes of Wiz Khalifa and Talib Kweli. "Now that I am known as one of the best DJs around I need to step my game up and become a legitimate producer and release my own music," he says. "I got some heat right now."

And with $250,000 in his bank account, there's the possibility of starting a new business venture outside of music. "My older brother, Ben Osher, is an executive head chef of Nobu," JayCeeOh states." I would love to work with him to open up his own restaurant."

Family first.