"No love without freedom / No freedom without love," Dido sings in her newly released music video for 'No Freedom,' the second single from her fourth studio album, 'Girl Who Got Away.'

In the vivid picture, everything moves in slow motion as Dido speaks to a man who remains in a chair until the end of the video. When Dido leaves the living room they're in, he finally gets up out of his seat.

Elsewhere, the chanteuse stands in a street as colorful confetti flies everywhere around her. The screen then splits into what looks like a parade from the past happening on the same street she's standing on. There are also shots of home videos featuring a baby learning how to walk, which gives the effort more of nostalgic feel.

'No Freedom' follows Dido's first single from her new LP, 'Let Us Move On,' which was released last year. The song features everyone's favorite rapper Kendrick Lamar.

Dido's last album, 'Safe Trip Home,' debuted five years ago in 2008. Many remember Dido's mellow vocals on Eminem's 2000 hit 'Stan,' which samples her song 'Thank You.' Both of the tracks were put out as singles at the same time, but her song peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

'Girl Who Got Away' was released in the U.K., today.