U.K. singer Craig David has the Internet going nuts over a personal snapshot of himself on Instagram. In the photo, the crooner shows off his muscular physique, much to the disgust and delight of a few followers.

For those who may not know who Craig David is, he's a popular singer in the U.K. who made some waves stateside in 2001, with chart-topping songs like 'Fill Me In' and '7 Days.'

Since then, he's been relatively quiet on the music scene.

However, on his Instagram, the 32-year-old singer has been documenting his exercise and diet regime.

Clearly, David is proud of the results. His body reveals every inch of his toned torso, including what appears to be an eight-pack.

In a very lengthy caption, David explains how this photo motivates him to stay on his fitness grind. It partly reads:

One of the best ways to help yourself stay focused throughout those days when you feel a little weak or lost is to put little reminders around you to help bring you back to the present moment and focus you before you do something you'll look back on and regret. In this case when I'm training hard and about to start my cutting phase where calories are reduced and I know there will be moments where I'll wanna eat every chocolate bar in my cupboard or especially when travelling on planes back and forth from Miami to Europe all the time.

I just go to this photo on my phone...under the folder "Stay Focused" which reminds me instantly to get back on track and in this case reminds me how good it feels when I achieve my goal and don't listen to my "old inner weakness" voice trying to remind me of how I used to be! Trust me it works!!! All I hear inside when I see this photo is..... Stop being weak and fix up...you've done it before, you can do it again! Booom! This quickly throws me back on course and on to completing my goal."

Well, good for him!

David's new and improved physique has garnered mixed reactions. Some thought his body looked awesome, while others were shocked at his transformation.

"Craig David's new body hurts my eyes," wrote one person. "Craig David...this is not cute at all," tweeted another commentator.

One fan wished David would pump out some new music instead of pumping iron.

"Craig David showing off his body when he should be showing us new materials!" she wrote.

Finally, one person wrote, "You look AWESOME @craigdavid !!! People who think this look is unhealthy obviously don't know much about health and training. Keep on going!"

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