Chris Brown just can't catch a break. After his brawl with Frank Ocean seems to have come to an official close, Brown has been accused of not completing his community service, which is a violation of his probation.

After the news hit the press today, Brown quickly attempted to clear his name by doing it the best way he knows how -- social media.

"I'm wise, I can handle the hate but enough is enough yo!!," Brown wrote on Instagram. "Yes it bothers me but it's not my main focus! My music is ... And when I speak on it ... it's because I want people to know how I feel."

According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, "...the court was asked to decline to accept Brown’s community labor in Virginia due to what appears to be significant discrepancies indicating at best sloppy documentation and at worst fraudulent reporting."

The 180 days of community service was part of his five-year probation sentence after pleading no contest to the 2009 assault of his on-and-off again girlfriend Rihanna.

Prosecutors are pushing Brown to complete the hours in Los Angeles under supervision. If he fails to do so, he could face jail time.

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