A child actor-turned-rap superstar resides in this elaborate bachelor pad at this California estate located in a plush gated community. We'll drop a few clues for you below, to help you guess who is living this large!

Before moving to the land of golden sun rays to call home to this Hidden Hills mansion in Los Angeles County, this artist was born and raised further up north across the border in Toronto, Ontario. After building clout off of successful mixtapes released online, the 26-year-old eventually signed to one of the hottest hip-hop record labels around.

A few years later the Grammy-nominated artist has two platinum-selling albums. He's been in the midst of feuds with other rappers over popular women in entertainment, and faced some criticism for taking up a producing project for late singer Aaliyah's unreleased material. Yet in the end of all the drama, he's still getting paid major mullah. He's featured on one of the hottest songs this year, by a rapper formerly known as Titty Boi, which just went platinum.

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