If there's one thing we learn about Brianna Perry's music videos, she's really into cars. Her last visual, 'Cars,' (obviously) featured the vehicles, and her new video for 'Mascara Tears,' off 'Symphony No. 9,' highlights some sweet rides.

However, 'Mascara Tears' looks at more than what someone's rolling in -- the visual details the story of a groupie who gets what she wants, but at a price.

'Mascara Tears' is like watching a short film, which recounts the good and bad moments that the leading lady goes through. As we watch the groupie try to get into a club and shine in the limelight, Perry comes in and out of the story as the video's narrator, spitting rhymes about what is happening but also talking about how women shouldn't have to do that.

"That awkward when they know you groupie / Steady thinking, hoping that he chose me / He say some simple shit that make blush / And at night, mascara runnin down your blush/ Cinderela slipper, he done caught you slippin' / Ciroc sippin', Goose sippin', got you talkin' different / Cause beeing broke got you f---in' trippin' / Yo, watch your feet girl, you f---in' trippin'," she delivers.

T-Pain makes an appearance in the video as well, helping Perry out with the storytelling. While this isn't the fun, party track that 'Cars' was, the song and video show another side of this budding Miami rapper.