The warm weather of summer always brings out the fly chicks in booty shorts and the well-polished hot whips. Miami rapper Brianna Perry brings these two things together in her new video for 'Cars.'

The clip, inspired by L' Trimm's classic Miami bass song 'Cars That Go Boom,' features the red-haired rhymer and her girlfriends stylin' and profilin' in some fast cars, including a Jeep Wrangler, an all-black Oldsmobile and a Ferrari convertible.

Not only does Perry drop the bass, she also drops it down low and twerks it for the camera.

Overall, it's a fun video that should put you in the mood for the summer season.

The booming anthem 'Cars' is the latest track from Brianna Perry's new mixtape, 'Symphony No. 9: the B Collection.'