Bodega Bamz, one of our Rappers to Watch in 2013, rages on his new track 'Navy,' released on Noisey today.

The P on the Boards-produced cut rocks similarly to another very popular song by a newcomer from Atlanta, and we'll leave you to guess which one. But instead, Bamz isn't flossing "all gold" on this track -- he's waving his "tan flag" instead.

The 27-year-old rapper from Spanish Harlem has been heralded as part of the "new" New York. And he shows he's confident about all the attention as he throws out some braggadocios lines.

"I'm in the hood so I'm still invested / You in the hood and you lookin' real desperate / They told me chill, but I said, 'Na ah' / I'm the answer no question, A.I.," he raps. Overall, the beat is creepy but the Tan Boys leader spits with no fear.

Bamz dropped the track in memory of Big Pun. "February 7th R.I.P BIG PUNISHER The G.O.A.T ...Welcome its #NAVY day," the rapper tweeted earlier today, which is the anniversary of the lauded emcee's death.

Listen to Bodega Bamz's 'Navy'

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