With yet another solid mixtape outing with a slew of bangers, you begin to wonder why Big K.R.I.T. doesn't have the same success with albums. Keeping up with the "king" concept, 'King Remembered in Time' is a project that showcases the Mississippi rapper's talents as both a producer and lyricist.

K.R.I.T. doesn't shy away from wordplay and jumps all the way from the beginning. On the second track 'Shine On,' he raps, "Cufflinks cold as Ebenezer, my mama probably should have named me Caesar / Cleaner than a baptist preacher that used to pimp / Gator shoes don't make the man, so primp primp." The play on the words "primp primp" in keeping yourself clean and proper, combined with it sounding like "pimp" from the line before it, and keeping up with the preacher and pimp references are just too cold.

The Trinidad James-assisted 'My Trunk' is a beat-knocker with candy paint appeal. For those thinking Trinidad is another one-hit wonder after his breakthrough 'All Gold Everything,' there's sure to be reconsideration after his verse on this joint. The pair bring that southern feel on a solid track that you can just ride out to.

The self-produced project puts everything in K.R.I.T.'s control, but the shortcomings of the project all fall on him. While the project comes with hard-hitting and smooth beats, the sound does seem repetitive, almost as if you're listening to the same beat over and over again. K.R.I.T. should use times like this to experiment with different styles and grow as both a producer and a rapper in being able to rhyme over a range of beats.

All in all, the project is a success. Hopefully K.R.I.T. can keep the momentum going from this tape to his next studio album.


Listen to Big K.R.I.T.'s 'King Remembered in Time'