Did Beyonce copy a look from a lesser known singer for her concert booklet?

Bey's Mrs. Carter World Tour is underway and a concert booklet recently showed up online revealing several fantasy-driven looks. One image shows Beyonce with her skin painted white donning a snowflake-like costume.

On Sunday (April 28), Kerli, an Estonian pop star and songwriter, posted a split image on her Facebook account of a very, very similar look she used on the cover of her 'Utopia' EP, released in March 2013.

"I gotta say it's pretty damn cool to see Queen B Beyoncé rock something I spray painted white on my patio for Utopia 8) The dress was originally nude and made by the brilliant Furne One ♥♥ Whooop!"

Even though some thought Kerli was trying to shade the former Destiny's Child frontwoman, she seemed grateful for Beyonce's choice to use the similar look in her tour booklet. As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

To play devil's advocate, Beyonce could have shot these images long ago, which makes us wonder if perhaps they are both just imitating a more original source for both of their wardrobe choices.

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