Want to attend summer concerts by Beyonce or Jay-Z in New York? Turn in a gun. That's the incentive hip-hop mogul Michael "Blue" Williams wants to present with his proposed gun buyback plan in the Big Apple.

According to the New York Daily News, the music executive's gun swap initiative, called "Guns for Greatest," is getting a look-see by local ministers, politicians and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

Williams, who runs Family Tree Entertainment, is proposing that those who turn in their firearms and sign up with the program could possibly earn tickets to Jay-Z's July show (with Justin Timberlake) at Yankee stadium or Beyonce's Barclays Center concert in August.

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes told the News that Williams' initiative sounds like a "positive way of encouraging young people to turn in guns." Brooklyn legislator Martin Dilan concurs and says, “If he can reach a new audience, it’s definitely welcome.”

Over $75,000 has been raised for the "Guns for Greatest" program. Williams is awaiting approval from Raymond Kelly, and plans to launch the effort on March 23. The executive hopes to attract young people and get them involved in curbing the gun violence that's plaguing the inner city. The program will allow people to return firearms with no questions asked with an incentive to bring positivity back to their communities.

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