Elle Varner came out of nowhere in 2011, and gave us a radio-friendly love jam with 'Only Want to Give It to You,' which still has our fingers snapping to this day. Comparisons to Alicia Keys were inevitable for Varner -- since she is being managed by Keys' former manager Chris Robinson -- but that is so unfair. This curly-haired cutie is in a league of her own with 'Perfectly Imperfect.'

The songbird can hit those high notes on the country-fiddling tune 'Refill' and display her sexiness on 'Soundproof Room' with its classic '60's soul instrumentation. Varner also showed us some vulnerability on 'Not Tonight' and uplifted on the body-conscious anthem 'So Fly.'

Varner's 'Perfectly Imperfect' was... well, the perfect R&B album in 2012.