Kanye West isn't the only one upset about his placement on MTV's Hottest MCs List. Rapper A$AP Rocky was offended that he scored a No. 8 spot.

In an interview with Power 106 (via the L.A. Leakers), the Harlem rhyme-spitter said he should be at No. 1 on MTV's MC List. He gave a laundry list of reasons why he's the top rapper in the game right now.

"I've been directing my videos since I was 22, I'm 24 years old," he states. "All of my videos are s---ing on any hip-hop video out there, let's be honest. The reason why everybody is wearing gold again is because of your boy. Everybody is wearing diamonds. Who brought gold teeth back, let's be honest? I made braids hot."

Dat PMF continued to vent his displeasure with his placement by adding that he also overcame an album leak and a death in the family to still deliver one of the best rap albums of 2013.

"It's frustrating that I'm No. 8, don't put me [on the list] at all," he says. "I need to be No. 1. Honestly, I put so much into this s---."

He went on to discuss a passing near to his heart. "On a serious note, my dad died about two weeks before my album came out. My dad died on Christmas. I didn't get time to mourn about my pops, because I want to deliver an album even after motherf---ers leaked my s---. And I still kept going," he continues. "You know how discouraging that is? Y'all already heard it, you know what I mean. I still kept going. How the hell you're going to put me [at No. 8]? Thank you, MTV."

Well, damn. Tell them how you really feel, Rocky.

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