Last night, A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown received the shock of their young careers as special guests on Bravo's new TV show, 'Kathy.'

The host, comedienne Kathy Griffin, who's known for pushing through boundaries for the sake of a hearty laugh, put both rappers on the spot with sex talk.

In one clip, she engages them both in a game of "sex dice," where one emcee ends up with his mouth on her breast and the other was encouraged to kiss her stomach.

In another clip, funnyman Russell Brand joins Brown and Rocky on the couch as Kathy gauges their interest in kids.

"Who has kids? Who wants kids?" Griffin presses.

Rocky cites being a kid himself while Brown stammers a bit with his response. "I mean, I wanna have sex," the 'Grown Up' rhymer replied. To which Kathy responds, "Danny, I just want you to have teeth at this point." The crowd erupts in laughter and Kathy plants a kiss on his lips to soften the blow.

She also made mention of Kendrick Lamar's right hand man in the episode saying, "Schoolboy Q has been tweeting me and he wants me too!" Then upon realizing that her core viewers may not be familiar with the Black Hippy member, she added, "I just totally lost the Bravo audience completely. Nevermind!"

Brown backed Griffin's comment, saying, "Yeah, Q actually called me today and he was very upset! He wanted to be at this party today."

We'd say that Schoolboy definitely missed out.

Watch A$AP Rocky & Danny Brown on 'Kathy'