Last week, the show was all about the mens' solo and group rounds. This week, ladies rule on 'American Idol.'

Girl power and female unity was the theme at the episode's start but things quickly changed. There were arguments, people trying to do their own thing and groups falling apart. Poor song choices, (please stop with the Gotye), singers failing to harmonize and groups just not pulling it together were all a part of the mess. With so much dysfunction, and cattiness, it makes you want to ask, "Why can't we all just get along?"

The judges played no games this episode, sending contestants home from the jump. Starting with a cappella solos, judges gauged who had the pipes and who had to leave, like Mariah Pulice, as she was one of the first to go.

It was supposed to be group night, but it felt like diva night with so many girls dipping out on their groups. Girls were missing rehearsals, leaving early and ignoring group members. Singing Gotye's 'Somebody That I Used to Know,' Group Four just didn't have the cohesion, and Mariah Carey felt it. Sensing something was off, Mariah asked, "How did you guys feel the blend was between all of you?" That's all she needed to say because the judges already knew who they were going to go with.

Then there were times when groups left out group members, as was the case with Group Eight. Going for group cohesion, the ladies decided not to tell Liz Bills about their early morning rehearsal, thinking that she would mess up the group. Oh but damn, did it backfire.

After yet another performance of Gotye's hit, the faces on the girls were priceless. After finding out that the only one who was moving on to the next round was the person that they excluded, all the girls but Liz were in utter shock. They might want to pick up their jaws on the way out.

There was an epidemic of not knowing the lyrics to songs this time around. Things were so bad that one contestant wrote all of her parts from her hand to her forearm, which irked Nicki Minaj. The 'Idol' judge let out all her frustration after seeing so many contestants with lyrics written on their hands, saying, "Haley, a lot of the girls today have been looking at their hand and its kinda disrespectful in a way I feel to us because we're sitting here wanting you to engage [us]. You were either looking at your hand, looking at them, and it was a bit ridiculous." Tell'em how you feel Nicki.

Stay tuned for next week's episode when the ladies shine solo

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